Career Counseling Egypt

Career Counseling Services for Adult Individuals

Did you felt that you are stuck in your professional career, feel unhappy and don't know what to do?
We have the process to enables you to move at your own pace and confirm your career choice, move ahead to take progress in your career path or plan around other career needs, aspirations and commitments, in addition to other needs in your life.

Career Counseling Services for Organizations

Do you want to select, develop and retain top performers and use each of your employees more effectively?
Employees value opportunities for development and advancement, and companies that provide career development services for workers find our services help retain employees and produce a happier, more productive workforce. We have the process to differentiate among competition by building a core competency based on Human Assets.

Career Counseling Services for High School Students and College Students

Students participate in experiential activities to assist them in their own career planning process. Search a variety of college and career options; and are guided through a decision making process. They will learn about trends in different industries as well as projected future trends and then select an appropriate career opportunity that matches their interests and capabilities.
We have a process to help you determine where you are going and how to get there.